Word Relationship analogy practice 1

Tree is to leaf as flower is to?

A) Root

B) Petal

C) Stem

D) Soil

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Ocean is to fish as desert is to?

A) Cactus

B) Dune

C) Sand

D) Oasis

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Book is to author as song is to?

A) Singer

B) Composer

C) Music

D) Lyrics

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Clock is to time as thermometer is to?

A) Temperature

B) Mercury

C) Celsius

D) Weather

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Bird is to nest as spider is to?

A) Web

B) Insect

C) Trap

D) Venom

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Teacher is to classroom as chef is to?

A) Restaurant

B) Kitchen

C) Menu

D) Meal

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Map is to directions as recipe is to?

A) Ingredients

B) Cook

C) Taste

D) Cuisine

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Football is to goal as basketball is to?

A) Basket

B) Court

C) Team

D) Dunk

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Sun is to day as moon is to?

A) Night

B) Dark

C) Stars

D) Galaxy

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Train is to track as car is to?

A) Road

B) Engine

C) Fuel

D) Driver

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