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Trans Identities and the Law (International Journal of Constitutional Law)

Published: 01 June 2023

Abstract: This Symposium offers a critical exploration of how the identities of trans people are translated, recognized, and considered in the law. In so doing, it sheds light on the often-difficult coexistence between the lived experiences of trans people and their legal regulation. The main argument that the Symposium advances is that multiple structural—legal, social, and cultural—factors influence the evolution of rights pertaining to gender identity. Identity recognition—the articles show—is also key to accessing multiple other rights and benefits in society. The Symposium includes five articles, all addressing the recognition of diversity and the construction of gender in law, focusing on a variety of jurisdictions and drawing on different disciplinary perspectives. Showing a multifaceted approach to one of the most topical public law challenges, this Symposium discusses the limits and the possibilities of law in advancing the rights of trans people.

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