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Only fresh mind find Barbie face in this image


This task is only for those people whos having a fresh and active mind. In this task you will point out the cute Barbie Girl face which is hidden in the birds or may be somewhere in the river. This challenge is quite bit more difficult as compared to our previous ones. Ready to find the Barbie? She is waiting for you.

Finding Barbie doll face.

There are several birds hiding the Barbie to protect it from you. In this cases it will be easy to find the Barbie face because birds are protecting her so keep in mind that Barbie is hiding herself behind the Swan instead of dive in the river. This is the brain storming activity in which you will assign a to find out the little cute girl face which is hidden in the Swans. So may be it takes few minutes or you may give up from this task.

Brain exercise to boost your brain

To boost your brain try to find the Barbie girl face.

Find Barbie girl face

Boost your mind

This task needs only active mind and color observer person. The color blind person will never find the Barbie face because his/her mind will divert when focusing on colorful swans. Focus your eyes on image and use your brain that most likely face is hiding where? Look around the whole image and identify swans face especially those who are looking straight .

Have you point out the Barbie face ? if still No then don’t give up actually your brain is trapped in a different colors scheme surrounding.


Try to figure out the Barbie face in the number of swans and surrounding is covered by the several different flowers

Barbie face is also pink so look around the swans. May be she is smiling so her white teeth is prominently point out in the pink color of swan and blue in the river.


If you successfully find the white Barbie face within the 4 Seconds it means your mind have healthy level with sharp focusing eyes. If you cant find the face then don’t be worry because its a tough coloring scheme.

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