You are currently viewing Solve the puzzle: Find the mistake in the picture only high IQ find it.

Solve the puzzle: Find the mistake in the picture only high IQ find it.


Look at the image to find the hidden objects or find out the mistakes in the image are the simple way to test your observation skills. To test your brain and check your sharpness of your eye and brain by finding out the mistake in the picture in just blink of your eyes. Ready now!

View images and find the hidden objects are one of the most among popular in the especially kids and old ages group of people challenges. These image puzzles have a simple objective, which is to find a hidden object in the image or find the mistake in the image. Find the mistake in the images is a great way to sharp the brain in healthy and active condition. When the visitor focus on the image and he /she tries to find out the hidden object in the image by doing this activity after few seconds he / she feels some brain storming and eyes focus activity which boost his brain and as well as his / her eyes active.

The recent research shows that the people who were engaged in solving math problems or doing healthy brain activities their brain and health are more active as compared to normal persons who don’t. 

If you are ready to test your brain and eyes lets start to find the mistake in the given below image.

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In this image you will a Mother with her three one Son and two daughters along with the dog. The kids were sitting on the table and waiting for the breakfast while mother pouring milk on each of glass while dog is just looking at the kids mother.

Now you will look at the image and focused on it and find out the mistake in it.

Are you ready to solve this mystery and your time starts now tic tic tic tic

This is the very simple task to test you that how can you observe the things at once look without distracting the mind.

Have you find out the mistake in the image?

Its very easy to find the mistake in the images you just properly focus on the things and clear your mind that currently you are working on finding mistake and make sure your mind doesn’t distract from any side if something is distracting you keep ignore that otherwise your time goes up.

Tic tic tic tic tic

Times up

Did you find the mistake ?

The person who have the high IQ level will find the mistake at once look otherwise normal or average person will take some time or may be not able to find out the mistake in the image.


The solution is also available for the those who are not able to identify the mistake in the image and also for those who solved it so that they were to verify their answer.


Before point out the solution we will give you clue for those who were not able to solve the puzzle. Look out the eyes of every kid and dog also why the kids were so amazed to look at mother and dog also.

Is mother did any thing wrong ?

Look at the image with sharp mind you will notice that mother is pouring the milk in the glass for his son while jug have no milk in it.

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