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Find the Challenge, Only sharp eyes point out Snow Bear


This task is a test of yours reflection skills. In this task you will point out the Snow bear which is hidden in the snow forest. This challenge is bit more difficult as compared to the previous ones but this will attain your attention and very interesting that how can you crack this task. Ready todo this task?

Finding Object.

From the different images finding the hidden object in some how some cases it will be easy but in most of the cases it will be very difficult for finding the object. This is the brain storming task in which you will assign a task to find out the white polar bear which is hidden in the forest. It will be easy if the forest is not covered with snow but now in this case it will be difficult to point out the white bear in a forest which is covered with snow so in this case Polar bear camouflaged him self so may be it takes few minutes or you may give up from this task.

Only High IQ will solve this puzzle, check your IQ level.

To test your eyes sharpness level lets start to find the Bear in the given below image.

Time start now

This task requires two active things from your side one is mind and second is eyes. Focus your eyes on image and use your brain that most likely bear is standing where? Look around the whole image and identify different shapes especially in the forest side.

have you point out the Snow Bear ? if still No then don’t give up actually your brain is trapped in white color surroundings objects.


Try to figure out the bear in the heavy forest area which is covered by snow.

Bear nose is black so look around is any shape is black. Black nose is prominently point out in the white color.


If you successfully find the white Bear within the 15 Seconds it means you have high IQ level with sharp eyes. If you cant find the bear then don’t be worry because its a tough IQ test.

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