adsteera direclinknew method

Automatic online earning trick Adsterra new method

Automatic online earning trick Adsterra new method

In this article I will tell you a secret way of automatic online earning method which is 100 percent authentic and safe. In this method I will use the wordpress platform and Adsterra directlink.

Automatically clicking on a button and redirecting users to another URL after a specific time delay might not be the best user experience, and it can be considered disruptive. However, if you have a specific use case for this behavior and you’re sure it’s what you want, you can achieve it using JavaScript.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to automatically click a button and redirect users after 15 seconds:

  1. Open your WordPress dashboard.

2. Go to the post or page where you want to implement this behavior or create a new one.

3. Switch to the HTML editor, which allows you to add custom HTML and JavaScript code.

4. Add the following HTML and JavaScript code to your page. Make sure to replace BUTTON_ID with the actual ID of the button                you want to click, and replace REDIRECT_URL with the URL you want to redirect to.

<button id="BUTTON_ID">Click Me</button>

<script> setTimeout(function()







window.location.href = 'REDIRECT_URL';

}, 16000);


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